1st Entry

Hi there… welcome to my first entry into the Blogosphere.   I wanted a good place to log my progress, thoughts, pictures, etc as I work towards my RAAus certificate. As of now, I have about 15.5 hours in, mostly in a Jabiru j170, and trying to work towards first solo. Lots of anxiety building up to that, I’ll be glad when its behind me. In a way, that will be when I will know for sure that “I Can Do This”.

Short to mid-term, I want to get my RAAus certificate with PAX, XC, and maybe tailwheel, low performance, and controlled area endo’s, then buy a cheapy to build up hours in while i work towards converting to PPL. Or a decent 2-seater that I can lease back to a school.

Eventually, when I have a few hundred hours up I’d like to convert to CPL so I could maybe do some sightseeing tours, or run packages or such. Who knows….

Oh, and “more right rudder”?  That would be the advice given to me, in varying degrees of urgency by THREE (and counting) flight instructors!  Maybe one day it will stick 🙂

Anyway, watch this space….


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