Well, This is Cool…

Now that I have worked my way through the syllabus, racked up enough dual and solo hours, the next step is to take a practice Flight Test.  In fact, CFI Brett emailed me last night to see if I wanted to schedule the flight for 1500 on the 19th of May, so not this Sunday but next.


Or course I said, “hell yeah!” so now I will need to really study up on all the finer points.  I feel pretty comfortable with flying so that is one worry out of the way.  Main points to focus on are:

  • Departure to the training area
  • Steep turns
  • Stalls
  • Practice Forced Landings
  • Arrival from the training area
  • Flapless circuit
  • Normal circuit
  • Go around
  • Glide circuit
  • Short Field Takeoff and Land (STOL) circuit

…and of course, the million-and-one details that comprise each.

However, as it turns out, it is well-within the rules to have any reference materials I need with me so you can bet I will be putting together a handy reference sheet for all of the little reminders I might need (laminated of course)… nothing too detailed, but perhaps some of the acronyms, radio call reminders, transponder codes, etc…  As well as a chart of the area so I don’t get lost on the way back, which could be embarrassing…

Presuming I do well on that, then the next flight could very well be my Certificate flight test!

It.  Better.  Not.  Rain.


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