What A Big Day Looks Like

Just thought I’d put in some numbers to boil down the last few articles into an easy-to-consume summary.

Approximately 1000 km flown, or about 540 nautical miles, or 621 miles.

8.1 hours of flying time, 3 being solo.

Average speed about 123 km/h, or 67 knots, or 77 mph.

121 litres of AVGAS, or about 32 US Gallons

Max altitude:  7500 ft

Min altitude: 500 ft

And a quick sketch of the route:



7 thoughts on “What A Big Day Looks Like

  1. Lots of flying! Sounds fun, good job. Have you ever used skyvector.com? I think they might have more than just US charts but it’s great to see the overview of a route.

    • Hrmmm no I’ll have to check it out. Since this was done, I have a bad elf GPS that does logging, and I can load it over a google map on my iPad. Thanks, great job on finishing yours up as well!!

  2. Many, many treetops……
    Please continue to be safe, fastidious, and to translate distance and amounts into the American equivalents, for your aunt, who cannot fly because she is stuck in the mud-

  3. Nice post. Have you burned only 121 litres of fuel in 8 flight hours/ 1.000 kms? When I fly piper P-28A, it consumes around 200 litres in 5-6 hours, so it surprises me that you were able to make 1.000 kms with so few fuel…

  4. Ad, you didn’t sketch in all the coastal flying you have done. You know, like flying over ocean, where there are big sharks….as if Aunt Sue wasn’t scared enough already!!

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