Helpful and Interesting Links

Here are some links I find interesting, relevant, informative, or necessary.  In time I will add more links to flying schools, other blogs, shopping, media, tutorials, calculators or anything else that comes in handy that you might find useful too.

My new school and aero club:  Schofields, or Sydney Flying Club.

More useless than tits on a chicken:  ASIC cards.  Sign the petition here to try to do away with this annoyance:

If you should find yourself in Bozeman, Montana USA make a point of looking up my friend Tom at

A fellow forumite has this excellent blog chronicling his journey.  The stories and pictures are always inspirational!

Angel Flight:  If you’re fortunate enough to be able to fly, here is an excellent way to give something back!  I’ve signed up as a driver until I can get my licence and hours.

Recreational Aircraft Pilots Forum:

Pilot Briefing Services:

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association:

Sydney Jabiru Flying School: (my school!)

Flying Online: – some great info and resources here.

Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-AUS): (start here)

Sydney Area Visual Pilot’s Guide:


Just too cool…

Solar-powered aircraft

Electric ultralight


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