Thank You For Flying Air Mellow

Yesterday I was able to put another core aviation goal behind me – I finally got to take my sister up for her first flight in a light plane! She’s always been a bit more reserved when it comes to risk-taking, so this was a huge step for her. I am lucky I was able to get her to agree to go up with me…

Last year we gave her a Red Balloon gift card, that’s the outfit that you can buy all kinds of adventure experiences through – she could have gone hang gliding, or hot air ballooning, or a day at the track in a V8… or even a spa day or that kinda thing… so I was really impressed when she rang up the folks in Camden and booked a joy flight in their Chipmunk warbird. She had a great time, but the aerobatics was all a bit much for her and she ended up sick and a little terrified of the whole thing. So I had my work cut out for me.

Anyway, I pulled a fast one and for her birthday this year I promised her an hour scenic flight with me as PIC. How could she refuse?? I just had to make sure I picked the right day and that I was extra on top of things, because I knew there’d probably only be this one chance to get it right and make it good for her.

We scheduled it for the Saturday the 7th, and after a week of really crappy wet weather, imagine my joy when I woke up at 545 am and the weather was just gorgeous and looked like it was going to be great all day! She came by and we drove down to YWOL, with the traditional greasy Macca’s stop on the way to get my blood sugar appropriately satisfied.

Anyway, flying-wise it was pretty much the same as every other trip up and down the coast near YWOL – for me – but it is always special to me to experience it for the first time through someone else’s eyes. Takeoff was perfect, tiny bit lumpy as we came up to the level of the escarpments, but I warned her about that, and all the turns were nice and slow and gentle, a little bit bumpy here n there, but over all very nice and just couldn’t have asked for a better, more picturesque day. I was told by a mate in the marine rescue that the whales are out in force now, but we didn’t see any.

She did a good job with her task as “flight photographer” and “plane spotter” – kept her busy and engaged. She spotted the Stearman before I did even! 🙂

Landing was nice and smooth though a bit off centreline. Taxied back to parking, and by this time she is just so full of joy and pride, and I think she felt like she conquered her fears. She said now she will not hesitate to go back up, and her cage is “unrattled” haha. Another item off my bucket list!!

Coupla piccies of the day…


windy day…




even the industrial filth has a certain beauty from the air…


8 thoughts on “Thank You For Flying Air Mellow

  1. What a very special excursion for you both. It must have been a day that dreams are made of!! It’s wonderful to see you both doing what you enjoy and enjoying it together… Love you both!! 🙂

  2. I have the best brother on the planet. He was sensitive to how I felt about being in a small plane and made me feel secure and comfortable all day long.

  3. And I have the best kids on the planet…and what you share between you is my huge joy! I remember a day in Mildenhall, England…

  4. Congratulations to you both. The persistence of big brother to pass on the joy of being airborne to someone he loves. The courage of Sis to see it through and to experience that joy that is like no other.

  5. Wow ! What a great sight to see y’all getting high together !! Oh, you know…!!
    What a wonderfull gift. So neat to see your selfie-selves next to each other grinning in the lovelyblue yonder, looking so much alike with the same cute, happy face !

    I’m so glad for each of you that it went well. May it always be so-

  6. Yeah. My brother was pretty heroic and considerate, too. When we went swimming at Beardsley’s Pond, he’d hold my head underwater, but it was probably just a prophylactic measure to protect me from what was floating on the top….

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